An enchanting hide-out in the woods, The Glass House in Selangor- Part 2

March 17th, 2009 by dottiedot

I had no clue what the Glass House would be like, but it really turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

For nature lovers like us, the Glass House was a dream house, right in the middle of the forest. Acccordingly to the Nepali watchman, the place is owned by the Malaysian Chinese businessman. The Glass House was built about 15 years ago. The compound was huge, there were two Glass Houses, two wooden houses and a few mud shacks, the glass houses being the most expensive of the lot.

We were mesmerized by The Glass House. There were no elaborate decorations, no chandeliers or posh furniture.The rawness and simplicity of the design and concept sets it apart from any of the guesthouses or posh hotels that I’ve come across in my travels.

The French designer had cleverly used basic raw materials to create this gorgeous house, nestled in the midst of the jungle. All of us fell in love with the Glass House – raw,natural and minimalistic. The little stream just a stone thrown away gives an extra romantic touch to the Glass House.

Corrugated zinc plates lined the walls of the two sides of the living room, with full glass panels on the other sides. One look fromthe base of the Glass House, you can peer into the inside of the house completely. In the living room, the sofa set is made from metal fencing, like those you see in construction sites, they can soldered into a sofa set, adorned with 2 red cushions. The living room may be small but it feels like a home in the jungle. The cooking area sits nicely at the corner of the living room, complete with a stove, cutleries,a microwave and a fridge.

Just outside the living room, the ground was laid with neat wooden planks with the unusual barbeque pit, unlike the typical cement ones we see. The barbeque pit is simply a big kuali used for Chinese cooking, secured to the ground. Along the sides of the barbeque pit, were rest spots and wooden seats which are great for group gatherings.And overlooking our shoulders, is the wooden man sculpture, standing at the side of the platform like a watchman.

The 2nd level was connected by a 45-degree stairs within the living room. The room was bare – in an authentic style.
Two simple beds were placed side by side in the middle of the room, with white mosquito nets hanging over them. The full-length glass windows gave us a complete view of the natural surroundings and we can even smell the greenness outside.

As usual, the animated Arlina went a little gaga posing in the mosquito net, and we played along, striking silly poses in the mosquito nets. Childlish we may be, but these are trivia things that sometimes may life a little more entertaining.

The toilet was also one of its kind. Anne said it was almost as if they have spent all the money on the house and they forgot about the toilet and the shower room. I went to check it out. Besides the door that links the kitchen to the living room, there were no doors or partitions -all was bare and au naturel. The toilet bowl stands on its own with no barriers or walls, it does feel a little strange trying to answer the nature’s call in the comforts of nature itself and looking up to the tall trees in full view. The sink is equally basic, just a long cement slab. But I like the rawness of the toilet.

In the late afternoon, it started drizzling and we decided to take a short nap to rest our tired muscles after the rafting. It is very surreal sleeping so close to nature, and yet so comfortable and nicely tucked in bed.

By 7.30pm, we were revitalised and woke up to prepare our barbeque food. There is no television set, no radio or internet in this unique Glass House. It was just us as companions, surrounded in the embrace of nature and our endless conversations to keep us entertained for the night.

Over tea, potatoes, barbequed chicken, watermelon and jambu, we chatted about the horrific teachers we had in schools, pranks we played on our poor teachers and shared our travel stories. A friendly guard-dog became our frequent visitor and we fed her well with chicken bones. Caring Joanne even remove the chilli and the burnt parts of the chicken for fear that the doggie may suffer from cancer in future. The barbequed food was not a big feast but it was enjoyable nonetheless.

It has been a long time since we had long chats like that, without the interference of television, or telephone calls. There was no reception in the Glass House, so we were in a way, out of the radar and that was nice. Anne,Weichean and I also took a night stroll in the compounds and were attacked by the “fireants” while walking to the wooden house. I’ve had red ants bites, bee-stungs, but the fireants’ bites are really intoxicatingly painful. The Nepali watchman kept saying, “OK, ok, 2 minutes, 2 minutes. Thankfully, the pain didn’t persist and did go away, but Ann and I had our doubts walking on the grass after that. We did the 10 metre dash from the main walkway to the other pavement that leads to the wooden house.

The wooden house was charming in its own way, with a kitchen stove outside of the house, and wooden planks painted in white. It exudes a very homely and cozy feel and makes a ideal get-away for families and children, but our hearts remained faithful to our first love- The Glass House.

By midnight, we retreated to our bedrooms and slept like babies contented,nestled in the comforts of the mosquito nets, with the enchanting sounds of the river stream as our lullaby in the background.

The Glass House is really one of the most unusual get-away destination that I’ve ever stayed – one that is so close to nature, exuding a comforting sense of tranquilty, yet relaxing without having to rough it out. The enchanting stay in the Glass House in the woods will definitely be one experience that I wll remember for a long, long time.

Thanks Anne for your great suggestion to stay in the Glass House and Joanne, Weichean and Meenah for the great company. Meenah,we will forgive you for being a parasite or leech or moneyplant, for not lifting a finger to wash the dishes or prepare the food and for really shaking leg and relaxing one corner like a true blue meenah.

We will make sure we will do likewise the next time when we stay in your house in Indonesia. It will be your turn to be our maid back in your hometown, Jakarta.

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